Whatever the script demands – a luxury bar, a spaceship or a middle class family apartment – we offer high-end set construction and dressing. Our art-departments are well trusted by global brands such as Ikea, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Tanqueray, Tuborg, Jack&Jones, McDonald’s,

Coca-Cola and Chivas Regal.

We are hard working people from north-east:

12-hours shifts, no extra charges for weekends

and night shoots.

A great place to shoot crowd scenes.

A definite selection of featured extras - choirs, musicians, dancers, athletes.

Good deals on casting buyouts for talent.

Quick company moves as the distances in and around the city

are short. You can shoot both the downtown and

the picturesque countryside in one day, and the coast

is just a 3 hour drive from the capital.

Starting this year, Lithuania has begun an initiative to encourage film-making investment by offering a 20% tax incentive.