The team from Lithuania and Malaysia worked really well together in pulling off a darn cool and exciting spot.



Peek into the shoot with Leo Burnett Vietnam.

Perhaps the most relaxed experience this year.

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In this piece for LBBOnline - Olga Radčenko, Executive producer and co-founder of Some Films, highlights the main advantages of Lithuania as a film destination.



Beautiful raw lithuanian countryside 

in behind the scenes photos

from shooting Iki private label


It is hard to tell from these pictures,

but we've been waiting for a wrap for so long,

just as Beaujolais came to town!

Once again -

we are glad to suport the Scanorama

film festival!

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Scanorama MMXIV

We gave some boring photos from routine shoot

to our arty friends, asking if they can bring them to life.

That ‘s what they did.

Starting this year, Lithuania has begun an initiative to encourage film-making investment by offering a 20% tax incentive.

proudly: last work of the year, festive!

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lasky millers - bells

on occasion, a jolly Ežys Christmas shoot / b.t.s.

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Ežys Christmas '12 / Behind the Scenes

Feathers, forest, autumn leaves. Glittering.

Behind the scenes of the Lietuvos draudimas (Insurance Lithuania) image commercial.

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LD image 2013 / making of

We're glad to support

the Scanorama film festival.

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Feels like a time machine! Just happened to discover one year old bts footage from the shoot of Vilniaus Maratonas (Vilnius Marathon). Please join the time travel with us.

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vilnius marathon / behind the scenes

Amazing dancers from the Belarus Olympic synchronized swimming team, a brilliant underwater cam-op Txema Vega with his underwater rig and a surreal  Tarkovskian swimming pool makes for an extraordinary combination. Please have a look at this poetic bts spectacle.

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oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, our new website is up!